Founded by a team of beauty, fashion and technology mavericks, Fashion Fund is a Fintech Platform that matches growth–stage opportunities at the intersection of retail and technology in Europe and the US with capital.

Growth Capital for

Next Gen Brands.

Our manifesto is to support a new generation of digitally native brands obsessed with the customer and challenging the status quo across every category within luxury, wellness, travel and fashion.

Our Manifesto

We invest in and build the next generation of companies shaping the future. We bring together the best ideas, talent and financing through a centralized platform that helps us uncover trends we can share across the entire portfolio. Whether it’s a beauty and wellness brand, commerce company delivering a better consumer experience, a marketplace connecting suppliers, a designer or brilliant product line, the common thread at Fashion Fund is that we nurture the brand from the start through rapid growth and eventual exit.


A fintech platform at the intersection of fashion, art and culture.