Fashion Fund is a fintech platform for fashion and lifestyle brands to raise growth capital in record time, without taking their focus away from building their business. Fashion Fund has built a database of 1000+ accredited investors who have expressed interest in its curated portfolio, which also exceeds 200 brands at launch. We plan to do 4-7 deals in our first year, 2018.

Asymmetry between consumer demand and the lack of fresh faces in the fashion and lifestyle business. Lack of capital, decline of department stores and rise of fast fashion is often attributed to why startup brands struggle. Fashion Fund solves for this by injecting metered growth capital into promising, content marketed brands that challenge traditional (safe) choices.

Fashion is very influence and market driven. The wisdom and wallet of the crowds matter. We turn fans and customers into investors- a critical modality of funding for leading brands, especially those that are digitally native.

Fashion Fund has a quant platform that matches startups with investor demand, based on scoring both to meet each other's unique requirements. Investment opportunities are scored on an 87-point dynamic checklist that tests their product-market fit, market readiness and business sophistication while the investor questionnaire qualifies their propensity and niche interests, thereby making better matches. Fashion Fund takes advantage of a SEC no-action letter that allows it to build an investor network without being a brokerage firm.